So it turns out Motley Shoe Shop was too good to last. I stumbled upon this unassuming little store at the end of the summer, and was quite impressed with their selection of sneakers and, my personal favorites, a great pair of Ben Sherman ankle high boots. When new sneaker time finally rolled around, Emily and I went in search of this shop, but could find no signs that it ever existed. Hoping to find some answers, we stopped into its sister Motley Home store.

Owner Doug Palardy explained to us, with a clear mixture of resentment and nostalgia, that he had been bought out by Bodega for what he described as “a generous amount of money.” Is this city so small that there can’t possibly be two stylish shoe stores on the same side of the river? Clearly they shared a customer base, but shoe licensing works so that both stores would never carry the same product. Part of me likes that Bodega, which is a fantastic shop-don’t get me wrong, is thriving enough to buy out a competitor. At the same time, I find it a bit worrisome that healthy competition is nearly intolerable.

All things said, I ended up with a pair of Dunks from Bodega, so i guess all’s well that ends well.

new dunks