Here I am jumping onto the bandwagon of creating an inventory of the contents of my bike bag. Not many surprises except for the four mystery pills. I have always laughed at the concept of the “invisible cinder block,” but after conducting this little experiment i sadly must admit that the ever-present cyclists’ curse has grabbed ahold of my bag as well.

In the main compartment:
last week’s issue of the Weekly Dig .
out of date Rockport/NBPT commuter rail schedule
plastic bag
digital camera
zipper cardigan
North Face gloves
extra socks
combination lock
reflective ankle straps

in the front compartments :
day planner (yes a real day planner with a pencil and no digital parts)
LED clip-on flasher
LED keychain flashlight
Zebra F-301BP (pen)
$2.38 in loose change
hippie deoderant (aluminum free!)
Specialzed bike tool
wild peppermint chapstick
4 un-identifiable pills
(not pictured) re-filled bottle of water