Oh man! I have never really sat down to think about the route I have been riding to meet the carpool from the Bay Village to Davis Square. I have always taken what seemed to be a direct(ish) route, but I will never go back. Previously, I had been riding on the Storrow bike/foot path to always traffic-filled and red-light-loving Mass Ave all the way through Central and Harvard and cut over to Davis at the last minute. I’ve been riding this since last July, and not until Friday afternoon did I decide to actually look at a map.
How have I been missing the obvious? After maneuvering a few one-ways on Beacon Hill, I can go over the Longfellow and have a straight shot through Inman Square. I feel a bit stupid having never re-thought my commute before, but I guess better late than never. I gave the new route a try on Friday afternoon and was absolutely amazed at how few traffic lights I encountered and how much more accustomed motorists are to driving with me on the road. I passed twice as many cyclists along this route and at one of the few stop lights, a guy in a Passat actually played defense and waved me along past a double parked car. What!?

A map of my new route after the jump. For those of you not familiar with Boston, Mass Ave is also 2A which, as you can see, begins going in the wrong direction after crossing the bridge. Photos of my new route soon…

New Route