It’s funny the way timing works sometimes. Have you ever read an article or had a conversation where you learned about a new…anything. Could be an actor you never heard of, a friend in common, or an indy bike company in Boston. I stumbled upon an interview with Matt Bracken: president of Independent Fabrication, a killer Boston-based, employee run indy bike manufacturer. I scrolled through the interview, huh based in Somerville, huh those bike MUST be out of my price range. But yesterday morning a pickup truck with the IF badge on the back was in front of us as the carpool was pulling onto 93.

It wasn’t until this company crossed my path twice in 24 hours that I took a real look at IF, both their business structure and their bikes. It’s really quite an incredible thing they’re doing: 100% recyclable products, handmade design, employee ownership. Sound like the next best thing to riding one of these babies is working for them. Talk about biking as an environmental choice. Imagine riding a bike that is not only reducing your individual scar on the earth, but that the people who made it are equally conscious of its impact during production.

It’s hard for me to have any sort of accurate impression of these bikes since I haven’t had the pleasure of taking one for a spin, but my wish list just got a little bit longer. Anyone out there have one? Am I way off base and crediting a bike company inappropriately, or is it as legit as it seems?

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