Not once, but twice in five days have I replaced my rear tube. I’m telling myself not to blame my new route, it’s just growing pains while I get to know the roads and can predict potholes. Right? I was a bit frustrated with flatting on the longest stretch of road that is a ghost town for public transit, so I was stuck walking through Somerville in the rain this morning.

During my walk I, of course, dwelled and fumed over the money I had spent on tubes over the last week and began to doubt the economic practicality of biking. I spent $5 for a new tube last weekend (I actually bought two, and ruined one because I was stubborn and used tools other than my thumbs to install it, but let’s not count that.), and I am predicting $16 at Ace to get a new tube put in tonight so I can ride home. Granted, this is an irregular week, but still that’s $21 in one week. That’s a lot I told myself.

I could have just taken the T for $1.70 each way. That’s only $3.40/day…$17 for a whole week? That’s a lot of money too, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. My tube will (hopefully) last me at least a month, but there’s no investment, no added value of getting outside and exercising that comes with taking the T. Somehow by the time I had reached Davis Square with a busted tube, soaked in the rain, and severely late, I had reaffirmed to myself that biking is the right choice for me.

Universal Hub and Wicked Local must have heard my grumblings today, and gave me an outlet for my frustrations. No pothole is safe.