While I was riding on Hampshire between Kendall and Inman this morning I stopped at a pretty awkward 5-way intersection right by the B-Side. There was a parked Cambridge Dept of Public Works van to my right, me in the bike lane, and a Caddy crept up to the line at the red light. As one of the perpendicular lights changed, the Caddy guiltily rolled left through the red, at which point the driver of the DPW van rolled down his window to say hi:

DPW guy (in a clearly smarmy tone): left on red, did they just legalize that?
me (equally as smarmy): yea, safety first
DPW guy: I work for the city, you think they’d at least tell us that you can do that
me: you know i heard going straight on red is OK now too
DPW guy (dry as a bone): finally

It’s good every now and again for me to get a reminder that even if I’m following the traffic rules, other people aren’t always doing the same. It was also nice just for a moment on the road today to share an experience with a complete stranger. He even went out of his way to joke with me when he saw that I was carefully watching the other car cross three lanes of traffic on a red.