It was a balmy 38* when I left my apartment this afternoon to go for a run. I am by no means the most hardcore runner in town, but sometimes find myself almost all alone out there. The rain didn’t really start until a few miles into my run, but still I didn’t pass any joggers or bikes as I warmed up through the Public Garden. Usually in the weeks approaching the Boston Marathon, the sun starts to shine and the city falls back in love with the bike/footpath along the Charles, but It seems that the seasonal urban jogging community is still a bit shy. That said, I was quite happily surprised to pass more joggers than I could keep track of, and almost as many cyclists once I made it over the river into Cambridge.

As enthused as I am to have seen as many folks out enjoying the day as I did, I was made quite aware of how cold and dreary it was today compared to years past. I usually look forward to the deep down cleansing rain through April and May. I love the soaking rain, but as long as it’s warm(ish). There’s a lot of scientific reasoning that flies way over my head when it comes to global warming, but days like today make an extremely clear impression on me. It seems a bit counterintuitive that global warming would make spring colder, but with a little bit of research on wind patterns and glacial melting, April showers bringing May snowfalls seems far too plausible.