Ever since last summer my bike has, to one degree of severity to another, had brakes that wake up the neighbors. I have tried a number of different remedies; I have cleaned my rims, tightened and loosened my brakes, replaced and toed in the pads twice, tightened the brake levers, and even replaced my rear rim. Reaching the end of my at home know-how I even brought the old girl into one of the many local bike shops in the area. Of course when I brought my bike in, that’s when it decided not to scream. I very strategically decided to go in on a rainy afternoon, so the noise would be at its worse. When I got to the shop, I rolled up with a confident silence that I hadn’t ever experienced on this bike.

The problem isn’t the braking ability of the brakes, it’s only the nuisance of the screeching. So when the tech examined the then silent brakes, he suggested maybe the cold was making the rubber hard. I can buy that, but only to a certain degree. I ride when it’s anywhere from 25* to 90* and the brakes aren’t noticeably better or worse at either end of the temperature spectrum. Am I missing something? Is there a simple “no shit” step that I’m skipped over or forgetting to check?

It’s a daily struggle trying to deal with my brakes. Emily joked last summer that she knew when I was home because she could hear my brakes from the fifth floor, and this sort of validities that I had a one of a kind ride. Making all that noise is safe right? I love my bike as it is, but I sometimes feel embarrassed when I approach an intersection behind another cyclist.