Charles x Boylston

I’ve been meaning to take photos of my daily ride for a while now, but I’m in such a routine (rut) that I never really get myself going early enough so I can stop and take pictures along the way. This morning, I decided, would be it. Looking at my commute through Boston, Cambridge, and finally arriving in Somerville, this looks pretty dreary and glum. It may not have been a beautiful, sunsoaked ride like Fritz documented, but I really love the view of Cambridge from the Longfellow bridge. Above is how my day starts, click through to see the rest.

Once I make my way through the Common, I have to ride along Storrow, at which point I’m ashamed to say I take to the sidewalk for a couple minutes until I get to the Longfellow Bridge.


Storrow Sidewalk

Longfellow Bridge

Look at those beautifully maintained roads and luxurious bike lanes once I make it into Cambridge.

Hampshire x B Side

Inman Square

Once I pass through Inman and into Somerville, the roads are noticeably rougher and more narrow. I hadn’t previously realized that this happened at the city line, but it very clearly does. The roads up to this point have been fairly smooth, but through Somerville to Davis, things are extremely choppy. There are no bike lanes, and the roads are torn up, forcing motorists to straddle the yellow line to avoid the bumps.

Beacon biker

Beacon potholes

Not long after this I pass through Porter and arrive in Davis Square, my final destination. It’s roughly 5.5 miles, and normally takes me between 25-30 minutes. Depending on whether or not the wind is working in my favor, i can take or add 5 minutes to that time though.

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