4.9.08 dig cover

I love this week’s dig cover. That is just how I was feeling last night riding home. It was our first “spring” day and I was on top of the world. The sun was still out by the time I got home, and it was still warm enough that I could get away with short-sleeves on my ride. It was the same ol’ route, just like everyday, but thing just looked newer. The sidewalks and bike paths were packed with people out enjoying the day, and I began to believe that spring might actually be coming.

Veronica Hebard attended SVA in NYC and MassArt in Boston, graduating on four hours sleep collectively. Her comics and illustrations have been featured in many publications and group gallery shows in Massachusetts, New York, and Los Angeles.

See more of Veronica’s work here, and you can check out her blog here.
Cover image and bio from the dig‘s site.