towards the finish

What a great turn-out at the marathon today. I spent most of the afternoon along the race route at the final stretch towards the finish line. While I watched everyone run by-slowly, quickly, young, old-I was completely inspired to run someday. I once worried that my chance to run a marathon and qualify for Boston may have come and gone, but watching everyone today made me feel so young and hopeful. I have nothing but time to prepare for a marathon. I hope maybe I can figure out a way to balance training on my bike and apply that with running and qualify at the Bay State Marathon in the fall.

I was so inspired that I went out to run immediately after getting home. Excited by the marathon buzz throughout the city, I was making a great pace across the Longfellow bridge, and then experienced what I have always pictured in my worst fears…my right foot scraped along the barrier between the sidewalk and the road and I broke my fall against my right knee and right forearm along that very same barrier. I considered carrying on before I noticed that my knee and arm had immediately begun bleeding plenty. By the time I ran home my shirt, once white, had gotten plenty of pretty bright red accents, and my sock was painted with a similar motif. I spared you all the gory details, but after the jump you can see more marathon photos and the make-shift bandages roomie Lauren (a nurse, phew) and I made.

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