Thanks to my absent minded clumsiness I am forced to take the week off from biking. There is nothing more than a skinned knee, but every time I go up stairs or over-extend my right knee, I can feel (and see) the cuts open back up. Therefore, I have remanded myself to the T this week, which just so happens to be the first full spring week we’ve had this year. It hit 80* today, probably for the first time since August, and where was I? Looking quite sullen on the red line this morning as I gazed out the window at all the runners and cyclists on the Longfellow. It felt like when I was little and had put off my summer reading until the last week of vacation, and my mom forced me to stay inside to read The Delaney Sisters’ FIrst Hundred Years while my friends would come over to invite me to play baseball or to ride bikes to get Hodgie’s ice cream.

At least in the winter I would ride my trainer in the morning and watch the local news, which gave me a bit of satisfaction. Riding the T has reminded me of how much better I feel when I get to be outside for a bit on each end of my day, particularly this time of year as my bones are beginning to thaw. I guess I could ride my trainer very gently with a tight bandage on, right? Maybe I’ll just have another cookie instead.