rear window

rear window

From VeloNews

The two cyclists were part of a Fourth of July ride that had climbed Mandeville Canyon Road, a popular cycling destination in Los Angeles’ affluent suburb of Brentwood. They had stayed behind the rest of the group to care for another cyclist who had fallen, and once he had been picked up by paramedics, began the descent together. Peterson, for his part, says he yelled back, but neither cyclist was prepared for what they said happened next: The driver pulled ahead of them as they descended the canyon road and slammed on his brakes.

Peterson went through the back window of Dr. Christopher Thompson’s burgundy Infinity sedan. Stoehr attempted to steer around the car but clipped the bumper and went over the bars, landing in the road in oncoming traffic. Thompson, a former emergency room physician, got out of the car, but rather than render aid, he continued to berate the two cyclists, according to witnesses.

How does this happen? At what point in someone’s thought process does this seem like a logical solution for being inconvenienced by two cyclists? There have been multiple sources that describe most auto-driver aggression as being based on the fear of hitting a cyclist, but what about incidents like this that involve a fucking lunatic? Was DOCTOR Thompson in such a rush that he couldn’t slow and wait to pass safely? If so, I’m sure nearly killing two people, getting arrested and charged with assualt with a deadly weapon, and paying $30,000 bail got him to his destination all the quicker.

I hardly mean to discourage or scare any current and future cyclists, but it is important to know that people are crazy. If someone drives by and yells out the window, the best thing they can do is drive away. You’re not going to win any screaming battles from your bike saddle, and car vs bike contests of strength are pretty easy to predict. Kill them with kindness. Let Dr. Manslaughter zip by, even if your blood is boiling. Yes we have the right to the road, yes motorists should observe and respect our rights, yes they’re evil, yes yes yes…