Towards the end of work yesterday, I took a little walk to pick up dark-and-stormy supplies for my office mates and I, which is a sure way to turn a good day into a great one. While we sipped our delicious concoctions, I realized that it had been one year, to the day, since I started work here at IMN. A rousing cheer erupted from the office, and we finally decided to pop the magnum of Dom that had been waiting for just the right moment, and closed the office early to enjoy the sunny day. Although, that sounds less and less likely the more I think about it. What is likely to have actually happened is that I topped off my drink while noone was looking.

The ride home went quicker than usual; we rolled the windows down and laughed as we shouted jokes to each other over the blasting Lil’ Wayne. Not a bad little Wednesday, huh? Once we got back into town, I took my time riding home. I’ve been consciously trying to ride slower in lower gears to avoid the knee pain that has been threatening me, but also just to enjoy the summer a bit more and be able to take it all in. Then it happened: the black Saab in front of me cut into the bike lane immediately in front of me and I nearly wound up slamming into his trunk. “How dare you do that to me on such a beautiful day?” I thought as my brakes locked, and slid to a stop inches from his bumper. I caught his eyes in the rear-view mirror, and rather than curse, flip him off, or smash his taillights with my U-lock, I let out a big sigh and started back up as traffic moved forward.

I approached a red light at the next intersection and noticed the same black Saab stopped for the light, and wouldn’t you know it his window was down. “OK, time to choose your words carefully. Do I let him have it? No, that’s not my style. Do I give him the “we’re all in this together bro” guilt trip? What about the simple “careful back there” or I could even stop and try to engage him in a conversation?” As I neared his passenger-side window, I noticed him lean over “Looking for a fight, are we?” I pondered as my thoughts immediately went into self-righteous cyclist mode.

“Sorry I almost hit you back there.” he yelled through his window.
“…it’s cool.” I stammered though complete surprise and disbelief.