That pesky knee pain I mentioned last week hasn’t gone away and is starting to get me a little scared. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t hurt while I’m actually riding, but my knees will remind me that they are not quite right for the rest of the day with light pain and stiffness. I am many things, but a fan of doctors is not one of them. I once stubbornly put of seeing a doctor for what turned out to be two months of strep throat and waited two days until my broken finger resembled an eggplant before getting it checked out. But this knee pain is different. It doesn’t hurt when I ride, so biking can’t be causing the pain, right? And when I hurt my knee running a few years ago, the doctor suggested cycling as a way to help, so even if the bike caused the injury, eventually it will come back around and start to heal it, right? I finally broke down and referred to Dr. Google for some iron-clad medical advice.

After determining that I didn’t have gout and ignoring advice that painkillers will cure knee pain (no shit), I found Australian Cyclist, a helpful site that proved to me that I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. I guess I’m making a common rationalization, but common or not, I’ve been doing it wrong…

…because knee pain in cycling is caused by overuse rather than major trauma, it’s not unusual for cyclists to continue riding “through the pain” in the hope it will get better. Don’t!

Damn it. I had one little plan that was perfect. I was just going to ignore the pain and wait for it to get better, and be a tough guy about it. Great plan, Alex. You’re on the path to success. That’s all I wanted to hear, not this know-it-all site that clearly lays out my plan in front of me and in one word destroys it: “Don’t” I can admit when I’m wrong, and Dr Google has proven me so. I guess this mean I will be stuck on the T for a week or so and I’ll use this as an opportunity to bring my bike in for a tune-up.