Lauren and I had a master plan to get some lobster for dinner tonight. What’s the point of being in Gloucester without getting some Lobster every now and again. Unfortunately it’s now 6:44pm and Lauren left from Boston at 5:11pm and has yet to arrive. I’ve been wasting away the time watching the Almost Everything Show and researching sports injury specialists in my insurance network. I finally went to the doctor yesterday to check out my knee issues, and he was able to give me some confidence and reassurance about what’s going on. Unfortunately I’m getting the impression that he’s full of shit. After telling him all of the details and specifics of what’s been going on, he felt my knee for a bit and determined that it is stable and I can gradually resume my activities. Instilled with a newfound confidence and comfort I rode my bike to get some coffee a mile away from my apartment, and by the time I got there my left knee was clicking and clacking and stiffening up. I can’t get much more gradual than that, so I’m trolling the internet for reliable specialists in the area and attempting to educate myself about the way the HMO bureaucracy works.

Referrals, primary care physicians, specialists, physical therapists, orthopedists? What’s a boy to do? Wish me luck, I’m going to forget all that for now and stuff myself with some delicious lobster and onion rings.