OK, so.  A lot has been going on, and none of it has to do with my bike, which is why you haven’t heard about it.  Emily and I spent this weekend moving.  Saturday was dedicated to packing and boxing things up.  Sunday we moved out of Boston and stored our stuff at my folks’ place over night and then yesterday we moved everything into the new apartment in Beverly.

In addition to moving, we’ve also been entertaining Emily’s friend Emilia who is here to visit from Florence (and turned out to be quite the helpful mover).  This evening I am off to Seattle for a week, and unfortunately left the girls with a mess of boxes and piles of clothes.  I don’t expect it will take long before it looks like a home; things have already begun to take shape and the kitchen is already completely moved into.

Actually, I do have some bike related news… On Friday night, I rode over to the Other Side to meet Emily and James for dinner, and it felt GREAT.  I’ve been wearing a knee brace for the past week, which has been helping, and even after riding and climbing the stairs over and over this weekend, I’m feeling stronger than I have over the past month.  Just in case, I’ve (finally) gotten all my ducks in a row and scheduled a few physical therapy appointments for once i get back from the west coast.

Anyone out there have a recommendation of what or where I should make sure to see/do/eat/drink/photograph/walk?  This will be my first time in Seattle, and only my second time on the Pacific.  I will be working most days during the afternoon, but hope to have plenty of time in the evenings to run around.