I got an email from my friend Rach this morning, and in it she referred to reading my blog. My blog? Oh yeaaaaaa….my BLOG! Its been a crazy last few weeks, and focusing on biking in this blog makes it hard to write about anything when I’m not riding my bike. However, as I bike less, my bike envy grows stronger and stronger, particularly seeing all those happy cyclists in Seattle. The roads are crack-free pavement, there’s a beautiful sea breeze, and apparently the week I was there contained five of the seven sunny days per year. For how many cyclists there were, I was a bit taken aback at the use of sidewalks. Possibly due to the wide sidewalks with light foot traffic, even downtown, I passed, what seemed to me, to be a disproportionate number of people riding on the sidewalks and crosswalks. Maybe there’s an unwritten pacific northwest rule about when and where it’s appropriate, but for an out-of-towner, it was a bit surprising.

Last week I had my first two physical therapy sessions, and among all of the things I learned in the first 10 minutes, the most important is that I can’t trust a primary care doctor. After chatting a bit and moving my leg around, Jackie, my therapist, was able to determine with confidence that my patella was swollen due to overexertion of my quads and IT band. “I’m really surprised your doctor didn’t catch this, the swelling and way your knees move are classic telltale signs.” This is a good sign that my therapist knows her shit, but scary that my doctor is missing things and telling me I’m alright, when both my body and I are telling him otherwise. Assuming all goes well, I’m hoping to be able to go for short jogs by next week, and to be back on my bike by next month. Just in time to get a few months of riding home from work under my belt before the cold and darkness become a real problem.

Back to Rach’s email, she was telling me about an event in Denver she went to over the weekend called Tour de Fat, put on by the New Belgium Brewing Company. I have heard of New Belgium and have enjoyed their Fat Tire Ale, but didn’t know what they were all about. The Tour de Fat is a short bike tour of local breweries (with pit stops along the way for craft beers) with the hope to raise awareness and visibility of the practicality of cycling as a means of transportation. I see on their site that they have tours in numerous cities around the country, not only Denver… I wonder what it would take to get them into Boston to ride and check out Harpoon, Sam Adams, CBC etc. Amherst would even be a cool spot for something like this, it would be a bit longer ride but would be well worth it to check out ABC, Opa Opa, and then top it off at the Moan and Dove. Maybe this is a good goal for next summer? Hopefully more to come on this topic.

Rach, do you have a blog so I can let the nice people know who you are?