i’m hanging out with my family today, and as we pulled out of the driveway this morning it was clear that my parents’ road was on a bike ride’s route. There were cyclists all over the place enjoying the cool clear autumn morning. As we approached a group of riders my dad began to honk in frustration because there were bikes going in both directions and he couldn’t pass. I tried to explain that the lanes are too narrow to safely pass and that they were doing the right thing by taking the lane. “but they can’t do that in both lanes!” “cars take up both lanes” i tried to explain. He clearly was annoyed with the bikes and i could tell i wasn’t getting through. Then my mom reminded him that on any other day that could easily be me, his son, that he is zipping past and honking at. For the rest of the ride he gave everyone plenty of space and took it a bit slower. I guess he needed that personal remimder because all the negotiating and explanations of road etiquette in the world would have fallen on deaf ears.

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