This week I have been giddy with excitement. The kind that sort of embarrasses me when I realize how glad I am to get to ride tomorrow morning. Upon Jacquie’s suggestion, I tried to go for a jog last weekend and didn’t make it more than a block. I was feeling the same excitement that I do now; glad to get outside and get moving. Emily came with me for moral support, and after jogging around the corner I had to stop. The pain wasn’t any worse than it had been earlier this summer, but I knew well enough not to push it. In June when I had pain like this I would just ignore it and run through it, knowing that after a half mile or so it would go away.

I partially feel like suggesting I go jogging was a clever way to trick me into realizing that even though we’re making progress in my knee rehabilitation, I’m not ready to jump back in. Luckily when I told Jacquie about the pain, rather than advising I take another few weeks off, she took to my suggestion that I could ride to our appointments as a warm-up. It’s only 1.5 miles, totally flat, I’ll take it easy I promise. I tried not to push too hard or seem too excited by the thought, that somehow the suggestion is so fragile that it would smash if I try to force it.

I can’t help but feel a bit silly about my injury. I realize it isn’t anything TOO serious, but still. Thousands of people ride their bikes each day, many of them riding more miles with less experience and conditioning…so what did I do wrong? I expect it was all those days I got lazy and didn’t stretch before riding home from work, or having never gotten a bike fitting. But I am not alone! Yesterday I found Chris‘ page. Finally, someone who is a more experienced rider having the same troubles as I am. I hate to say it, but misery loves company, but at least I’m in good company.