New England was made for Autumn, and Autumn for New England. We survive the winters and thaw into the spring, which is lovely as well, but the clear sunny days are few and far between before the warm spring days turn into muggy summer weeks. But Fall…the air is crisp, threatening to get chilly, but the sun has been so warming and the sky so clear. I took yesterday’s great weather as an opportunity to go for a short (therapist approved) ride. I made my way over to Lynch Park, where I stopped a bit and envied all the folks walking their dogs around.

Come spring, and presuming my knees are back to full capacity, I will be taking the train to work in the morning, and then riding the 15 miles back in the evening. My friend Jay can think of nothing he would like to do less than ride for an hour on a Wednesday evening, but for me there’s not much I would rather do. I have been hypothetically planning my route; trying to decide if main roads or back ways would be my best bet, and landed on taking Rt 127 all the way from Gloucester to home.

This would make for an easy, direct, and beautiful ride but I had never actually been on Rt 127 on a bike, in a car, or otherwise. All of the locals that I explained my ride to advised against it, saying the road was too narrow, cars move too quickly, and that it would generally be unsafe. Turns out they’re really just trying to keep me out of their hair. In this part of the world, there are not many roads I can think of that are better suited for riding. The speed limit is 30mph, there is a big tasty shoulder, and road parking is forbidden for the whole way I traveled.

northbound through the Endicott campus

northbound through the Endicott campus

There were dozens of other cyclists out yesterday, and to my shock and awe many of them acknowledged me and a few even waved back. My leg-benders felt great yesterday, but have been complaining a bit today. I have the next couple days off from riding, so we’ll see how they feel riding over to therapy Wednesday morning.