I had a great consult with the orthopedic surgeon/specialist today, and after some tests and X-Rays he doesn’t seem to think I’ve done any internal damage to my knees. As he put it, I’ve got some “tracking” issues, but recommended I keep working on PT exercises etc to strengthen my quads. Considering surgeons like to perform surgery, he didn’t push for an MRI or to schedule another exam to see about the need for it. This is totally encouraging to me since it basically means that as far as his business is concerned, I would be a waste of time.

I wish I could show you a model like he had, but basically by “tracking” he means that rather than severe damage to the tendon or cartilage, my quads are simply not strong enough and have gotten exhausted from the amount of stress I’ve been putting them under. Once the quads and hamstrings are exhausted, they don’t hold he patella tendon, (which connects the patella and the tibia) in place, allowing the patella to shift when carrying weight. Because of the way the bones and tendons are lined up, there is a naturally tendency for the tibia to shift laterally, and the quads aren’t strong enough to fight that normal shift.