My buddy Tony lives in Providence, and dropped me an email last night:

I was riding my bike home from work and some dick in a pick up truck flipped me off. Just honked, stuck out his arm and flipped me off like he was doing something as routine and obligatory as excusing himself after a burp. Guy on a bike? Flip! I mean…it seemed like he did it out of some weird sense of responsibility. I don’t know. It happens to all of us all the time, and I’m typically not one to give a shit when it happens to me but man, this one just stuck in my craw.

Having been to Providence a few times, with the exception of all the hills, it seems like a biker’s paradise. It’s a small city with a centralized downtown area, the roads seem wide, and there are TONS of bikes out there. I just can’t imagine where this pickup truck was headed that Tony caused such an inconvenience. Granted, I’m glad they flipped him off rather than buzzing him, but nonethless. I thought high school was over, but I guess the bully complex will never really go away.