Last week I saw another physical therapist, who Jacquie called in as a ringer to do a consultation with me.  Rob is a veteran PT at Orthopaedics Plus, but also has a small tear in his meniscus, and battles with patella tendinitis like I do.  His knee gives him much more trouble than mine does, but still he was able to impart some great advice and stretches that have helped him get back to normal.  I learned some stretches and exercises that will strengthen my quads and hamstrings without putting unnecessary strain on my knees.

With his and Jacquie’s blessing, I’ve begun riding again.  Sadly we’ve entered the cold and wet half of the year, so I scrubbed down my bike and have surrendered myself to my indoor trainer for the winter.  While riding on the trainer is better as far as my knees are concerned, it’s basically the biking equivalent of jogging on a treadmill.  Yea the motions are all the same, but all the things I love about biking are absent.  But I suppose this is just a necessary step so I can get back to riding and jogging the way I want to as soon as spring rolls around.

My goal is muscle soreness in all the right places without knee or joint pain.  After having been nearly dormant for the past 2 months, a morning of exercises and biking was enough to wipe me out and tire my legs, but I can tell I’m still putting strain on my knees.  Looks like it might be time for a bike fitting.  I’ve always considered it, but it seems a bit silly to spend more on a fitting than I did on the bike itself.  Which I suppose raises a red flag that I definitely need the fitting, as I never have been completely confident that the size and shape of it are right.  When I bought my bike, I never expected to jump headlong into cycling as much as I have, and the driving forces behind the purchase were the relatively low cost and relatively accurate size.