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because I sure as hell have missed you all.  It’s been a little batty lately.  I had a great Christmas and New Year’s, which feels like it was so long ago.  Emily and I went on vacation out to North Adams, MA to visit Mass MoCA, which you can read all about here.

I know you’re dying to hear about my knees, which are slowly improving.  I have been biking fairly minimally, and am still waiting until spring to jog.  Swimming has been improving, which has been a wonderful way to start my morning.  When I began a month ago, I could hardly make it one pool length without gasping for air as soon as I touched the wall.  Now I am swimming a full lap without stopping, and am building my lung strength (and moreso my confidence) and this week am planning to try for two laps without stopping.

Jacquie and I are meeting once every other Friday basically just to check-in, but for the most part I am self-sufficient for the time being.  I’m doing low-stress cardio (swimming & biking) and on my rest days, am doing fairly intensive quad, hamstring, and glute workouts with my theraband and foam roller.

New Year’s blogsolution: more frequent posts, shorter length, less complaining.


So each of my first few posts has been an attempt to test the waters and find what path this blog will follow. I want to leave things open enough so I can add in my hilarious musings and thought, but have some sort of structure so I can filter the note-worthy humdrum from the regular humdrum. Here goes nothing…

As of this summer I have been 100% car free. Previous to that, I have lived in various levels of car dependance, ranging from daily use, to bi-weekly use, extremely irregular use, and finally tapering down to the realm I live in now, which is dead engine, city living, car-free heaven. The best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time was taking the plates off of Ace, and rolling him onto my parents’ lawn to await the donation tow truck. Being car free does have its inconveniences, unfortunate as it may be, in this autocentric society of ours. I live in Boston and commute roughly 40 miles to work every day. Yes, it would be MUCH quicker to get in my car and drive straight to work, and straight back at the end of the day, but I have chosen to travel a funny little maze of walking, T riding, biking, and carpooling to make it to my beachside north shore office. I tell myself that I inconvenience myself this way because carpooling saves money, reduces my carbon output compared to driving myself, keeps me in shape, removes the headache of car maintinance, and a number of other reasons.

Some of these decisions are measurable, some are not. Some I measure from time to time, and others I will guestimate. Granted my car-free little scheme relies on OTHERS having a car, but as long as that person isn’t me, I am content. Beginning today, I will be tracking the things I notice, the money I spend (and save), the people I meet (specifically as a result of travelling outside of a personalized steel bubble), and all the other things that change my life based on one seemingly small choice.

and if it’s boring, you can expect another one of these mission statements again soon. questions, comments, and criticisms are encouraged.