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Rach sent me a link that brightened my day. Remember that cop in New York that tackled a Critical Mass cyclist to the ground over the summer? Looks like he got his. So says the New York Times:

The officer, Patrick Pogan, has been instructed to report to State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday for the unsealing of the indictment…prosecutors were seeking felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report that Officer Pogan filed after arresting the bicyclist, Christopher Long. Officer Pogan also could be charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

After having been on the force for a whole 3 weeks, Pogan tackled Long, the cyclist, then arrested and pressed false charges against him.  This guy is a prick, and with any luck he’ll be losing his badge.  It scares me that this is what happened after a month on the force.  Classy move, it’s too bad they can’t all be Lennie Briscoe.